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// Copyright The OpenTelemetry Authors
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

#pragma once
// Please refer to provider.h for documentation on how to obtain a Tracer object.
// This file is part of the internal implementation of OpenTelemetry. Nothing in this file should be
// used directly. Please refer to span.h and tracer.h for documentation on these interfaces.

#include <memory>

#include "opentelemetry/context/runtime_context.h"
#include "opentelemetry/nostd/shared_ptr.h"
#include "opentelemetry/nostd/string_view.h"
#include "opentelemetry/nostd/unique_ptr.h"
#include "opentelemetry/trace/span.h"
#include "opentelemetry/trace/span_context.h"
#include "opentelemetry/trace/tracer.h"
#include "opentelemetry/trace/tracer_provider.h"
#include "opentelemetry/version.h"

namespace trace_api = opentelemetry::trace;

namespace trace
class OPENTELEMETRY_EXPORT NoopSpan final : public Span
  explicit NoopSpan(const std::shared_ptr<Tracer> &tracer) noexcept
      : tracer_{tracer}, span_context_{new SpanContext(false, false)}

  explicit NoopSpan(const std::shared_ptr<Tracer> &tracer,
                    nostd::unique_ptr<SpanContext> span_context) noexcept
      : tracer_{tracer}, span_context_{std::move(span_context)}

  void SetAttribute(nostd::string_view /*key*/,
                    const common::AttributeValue & /*value*/) noexcept override

  void AddEvent(nostd::string_view /*name*/) noexcept override {}

  void AddEvent(nostd::string_view /*name*/,
                common::SystemTimestamp /*timestamp*/) noexcept override

  void AddEvent(nostd::string_view /* name */,
                const common::KeyValueIterable & /* attributes */) noexcept override

  void AddEvent(nostd::string_view /*name*/,
                common::SystemTimestamp /*timestamp*/,
                const common::KeyValueIterable & /*attributes*/) noexcept override

  void SetStatus(StatusCode /*code*/, nostd::string_view /*description*/) noexcept override {}

  void UpdateName(nostd::string_view /*name*/) noexcept override {}

  void End(const EndSpanOptions & /*options*/) noexcept override {}

  bool IsRecording() const noexcept override { return false; }

  SpanContext GetContext() const noexcept override { return *span_context_.get(); }

  std::shared_ptr<Tracer> tracer_;
  nostd::unique_ptr<SpanContext> span_context_;

class OPENTELEMETRY_EXPORT NoopTracer final : public Tracer,
                                              public std::enable_shared_from_this<NoopTracer>
  // Tracer
  nostd::shared_ptr<Span> StartSpan(nostd::string_view /*name*/,
                                    const common::KeyValueIterable & /*attributes*/,
                                    const SpanContextKeyValueIterable & /*links*/,
                                    const StartSpanOptions & /*options*/) noexcept override
    // Don't allocate a no-op span for every StartSpan call, but use a static
    // singleton for this case.
    static nostd::shared_ptr<trace::Span> noop_span(new trace::NoopSpan{this->shared_from_this()});

    return noop_span;

  void ForceFlushWithMicroseconds(uint64_t /*timeout*/) noexcept override {}

  void CloseWithMicroseconds(uint64_t /*timeout*/) noexcept override {}

class OPENTELEMETRY_EXPORT NoopTracerProvider final : public trace::TracerProvider
  NoopTracerProvider() noexcept
      : tracer_{nostd::shared_ptr<trace::NoopTracer>(new trace::NoopTracer)}

  nostd::shared_ptr<trace::Tracer> GetTracer(nostd::string_view /* library_name */,
                                             nostd::string_view /* library_version */,
                                             nostd::string_view /* schema_url */) noexcept override
    return tracer_;

  nostd::shared_ptr<trace::Tracer> tracer_;
}  // namespace trace