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#pragma once

#include <cstdint>
#include "opentelemetry/context/context.h"
#include "opentelemetry/nostd/string_view.h"
#include "opentelemetry/version.h"

namespace trace
namespace propagation

// The TextMapPropagator class provides an interface that enables extracting and injecting
// context into carriers that travel in-band across process boundaries. HTTP frameworks and clients
// can integrate with TextMapPropagator by providing the object containing the
// headers, and a getter and setter function for the extraction and
// injection of values, respectively.
template <typename T>
class TextMapPropagator
  // Rules that manages how context will be extracted from carrier.
  using Getter = nostd::string_view (*)(const T &carrier, nostd::string_view trace_type);

  // Rules that manages how context will be injected to carrier.
  using Setter = void (*)(T &carrier,
                          nostd::string_view trace_type,
                          nostd::string_view trace_description);

  // Returns the context that is stored in the carrier with the getter as extractor.
  virtual context::Context Extract(Getter get_from_carrier,
                                   const T &carrier,
                                   context::Context &context) noexcept = 0;

  // Sets the context for carrier with self defined rules.
  virtual void Inject(Setter set_from_carrier,
                      T &carrier,
                      const context::Context &context) noexcept = 0;
}  // namespace propagation
}  // namespace trace