Class RuntimeContextStorage

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class opentelemetry::context::RuntimeContextStorage

RuntimeContextStorage is used by RuntimeContext to store Context frames.

Custom context management strategies can be implemented by deriving from this class and passing an initialized RuntimeContextStorage object to RuntimeContext::SetRuntimeContextStorage.

Subclassed by opentelemetry::context::ThreadLocalContextStorage

Public Functions

virtual Context GetCurrent() noexcept = 0

Return the current context.


the current context

virtual nostd::unique_ptr<Token> Attach(const Context &context) noexcept = 0

Set the current context.


the – new current context


a token for the new current context. This never returns a nullptr.

virtual bool Detach(Token &token) noexcept = 0

Detach the context related to the given token.


token – a token related to a context


true if the context could be detached

inline virtual ~RuntimeContextStorage()

Protected Functions

inline nostd::unique_ptr<Token> CreateToken(const Context &context) noexcept