Class RuntimeContextStorage

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class RuntimeContextStorage

RuntimeContextStorage is used by RuntimeContext to store Context frames.

Custom context management strategies can be implemented by deriving from this class and passing an initialized RuntimeContextStorage object to RuntimeContext::SetRuntimeContextStorage.

Subclassed by opentelemetry::context::ThreadLocalContextStorage

Public Functions

virtual Context GetCurrent() noexcept = 0

Return the current context.


the current context

virtual nostd::unique_ptr<Token> Attach(const Context &context) noexcept = 0

Set the current context.


the – new current context


a token for the new current context. This never returns a nullptr.

virtual bool Detach(Token &token) noexcept = 0

Detach the context related to the given token.


token – a token related to a context


true if the context could be detached

inline virtual ~RuntimeContextStorage()

Protected Functions

inline nostd::unique_ptr<Token> CreateToken(const Context &context) noexcept