Typedef opentelemetry::common::AttributeValue

Typedef Documentation

using opentelemetry::common::AttributeValue = nostd::variant<bool, int32_t, int64_t, uint32_t, double, const char*, nostd::string_view, nostd::span<const bool>, nostd::span<const int32_t>, nostd::span<const int64_t>, nostd::span<const uint32_t>, nostd::span<const double>, nostd::span<const nostd::string_view>, uint64_t, nostd::span<const uint64_t>, nostd::span<const uint8_t>>

OpenTelemetry signals can be enriched by adding attributes. The AttributeValue type is defined as a variant of all attribute value types the OpenTelemetry C++ API supports.

The following attribute value types are supported by the OpenTelemetry specification:

  • Primitive types: string, boolean, double precision floating point (IEEE 754-1985) or signed 64 bit integer.

  • Homogenous arrays of primitive type values.


The OpenTelemetry C++ API currently supports several attribute value types that are not covered by the OpenTelemetry specification:

  • uint64_t

  • nostd::span<const uint64_t>

  • nostd::span<uint8_t>

Those types are reserved for future use and currently should not be used. There are no guarantees around how those values are handled by exporters.